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Take a look at Marvel Meltdown, my brand new monthly feature over at Impulse Creations! It features reviews of SPIDER-MAN: THE SHORT HALLOWEEN, WOLVERINE ORIGINS #36, and NOVA #25.

New Girls Entertainment Network reviews, hot off the press! 5/26/09 Comic Book Review: Gigantic #4 5/28/09 Comic Book Review: The Darkness #77

Terminator Salvation—directed by McG and written by John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris—throws us into the heat of the future war between the machines and the human survivors of Judgment Day. In 2018, the prophesied savior of humanity, John Connor (Christian Bale), must lead the Resistance into the heart of Skynet while protecting the real […]

May’s Pull-O-Rama is up and reviews BATTLE FOR THE COWL #3, Witchblade Annual, Kick-Ass #6, and an early look at The Supremacy #2!

New Girls Entertainment Network articles, hot off the press! Don’t forget to check out my feature video game review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Read it here. 5/18/09 A little dash of Mercury 5/19/09 Graphic Novel Review: Mad Love and Other Stories

I took some time out of my day to finish catching up with Marvel’s PATSY WALKER: HELLCAT limited series—one of the cutest comics I have ever read without wanting to douse myself in pink and set something on fire. Err, that came out wrong. This was my first encounter with Hellcat, and Kathryn Immonen’s writing […]

At 1:00 PM PST today, Nate Fox and David Meyer opened up the floor to fans and chatted live on the PlayStation.Blog for a half hour about the upcoming Infamous game from Sucker Punch. So what was revealed during the Q&A session? I’ve got a run-down right here. Concept Cole McGrath, the main character, begins […]