Free Comic Book Day ’09


Comic shops tend to have a limit on how many free books you can take home on Free Comic Book Day. At Joy’s Japanimation, it’s six—and you can learn a lot about people by what comics they choose. On my first FCBD, you could tell I was unfamiliar with comic territory. I ended up with a random assortment of comics, and not many of them appealed to me by the time I flipped through them. Today, however, it’s pretty clear where my loyalties lie: a deep love of indy with a side of superhero.


Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Cheung whip up one fantastic FCBD read. In a short adventure narrated by Spider-Man, the Avengers and the new Dark Avengers teams must work together when they find New York threatened by a Norse ice giant. Bendis does a wonderful and clean-cut job of introducing the New Avengers team for those who are unfamiliar with the results of Secret Invasion, and their interactions demonstrate the tension between the team members and the deception involved. This was definitely a comic to pick up, and it falls within the Gold category of FCBD selections.

Resurrection #0

Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood’s Resurrection tells the story of Dwight, a man abducted by aliens called “Bugs” whom is believed by his wife and nearly everyone else to be crazy―everyone except a man named Paul Cole, who he nicknames “British.” When Dwight leaves the mental institution in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, he meets a woman called Wendy who contacts Carlo, the uplink manager in Rome. The world has been devastated, but Carlo informs them that an ally named Paul Cole drove the Bugs away, destroying their mothership. However, according to Dwight, Paul isn’t on their side; he’s after Dwight’s journal, which contains the dangerous and secret truth about the Bugs and the government.

Guggenheim’s writing makes for an intriguing comic, which starts this June. The book also previews Stephen Colbert’s frivolous political comic Tek Jansen, also published by Oni Press.

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer Preview

On July 22nd, Mark Waid and Kenneth Rocafort will bring us Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer, a new comic published by Top Cow. The new series features art by the same talent who worked on Paul Dini’s Madame Mirage. The comic mashes together new and old faces from the Top Cow universe, striking two teams against one another: Cyberforce and Hunter-Killer. Cyberforce packs the good guys, while Hunter-Killer runs under the direction of a man named Morningstar, who created mutant-like “ultra-sapiens” during the Cold War and has continued to track them down ever since.

The preview includes a helpful character dossier, too. Chances are this upcoming comic will be one to check out; the preview book falls in the indy-dominated FCBD Silver category.

Love & Rockets Sampler

The Hernandez brothers present four black-and-white, to-be-continued stories in this Love & Rockets Sampler. The humor feels a bit crude, albeit quirky. “Ti-Girls Adventures, Chapter 3: Daughters of Doom” showcases super-powered chicks. “Sad Girl” follows a man-dependent porn star with an incredibly ill-proportioned bosom. “Rocky in Rocket Rhodes” details outer space traveling and robot guides, and “The Children of Palomar” features another poorly drawn babe.

Love & Rockets doesn’t add up to anything that special, and without splashes of color, this free comic doesn’t shine next to the others.

Mercy Sparx: Under New Management

Josh Blaylock and Matt Merhoff’s Mercy Sparx free comic premieres the new story, “Under New Management.” The demon Mercy was thrown out of hell by someone called Mr. Suit, and she ended up walking the world above (but not way above) in the guise of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed human. Now she’s tasked with taking down angel rogues who have shirked their heavenly duties.

In this book, she fights two scantily-clad, ex-heavenly angels, Dekea and Ariel, in order to get to Colopatiron, the male angel responsible for letting so many angels out of heaven in the first place. Mercy delivers her message, but she receives some unexpected news regarding the pearly gates. Mercy Sparx brims with light-hearted humor, so this preview book is definitely one to savor.

Worlds of Aspen #4

Aspen Comics provides four previews with Worlds of Aspen #4. “Executive Assistant: Iris” (David Wohl and Eduardo Francisco) introduces Iris, the all-in-one secretary, bodyguard, and assassin who learns that the job she’s trained for isn’t as justified as she once thought. “Soulfire: New World Order” (J.T. Krul and Francisco Herrera) takes us back to the magic of our souls; here the fight between good and evil looks quite cartoony. Michael Turner’s “Fathom” (J.T. Krul and Ale Garza) dives into the mysteries of the deep Blue and mixes its hidden secrets with human kind. The protagonist, Aspen, wields magical powers as a dark-haired beauty, making for a comic both satisfying on the eye-candy and story sides. In Turner’s “Soulfire” preview (Joe Benitez and J.T. Krul), an orphan boy stands as the potential balance between the opposing old and new worlds of magic and technology, respectively. He’s dubbed the Samusara, aka the Bringer of Light. However, some aren’t so keen on the return of magic.

For the most part, Aspen’s FCBD presentation works well and succeeds in drawing interest to their comics. Be sure to check out these, as well.

Hope you had a fun-filled Free Comic Book Day! Until next year!


6 Responses to “Free Comic Book Day ’09”

  1. i dont really understand what you mean free? if it’s true, how i can to get one? i must download or its delivery packet.. please reply to my blog, i’m waiting good respon. i’m very intererst in comic book, expecialy superhero comic.. the avenger, hmmm, is there is issue this comic goes to movie?

  2. 2 WITA

    Free Comic Book Day is an annual even that takes place on the first Saturday in May. There are select comics that are available free of charge, which means it’s a great way for old readers and newcomers alike to check out some comics! The only way to participate is to find your local comic shop. 🙂

    I believe they’re still going to make the Avengers movie, yeah.

    Looks like a pretty cool blog you have there, but I can’t read the language, sorry!

  3. yeah.. like i was predicted.. it’s call indonesian language.. actually, i’m hope can write in english, but, like you know, my english was very bad.. but, now i’m try learn how to speak and write in enghlish..

  4. 4 James

    Will definitely mark this down for next year.

  5. Um, I don’t think you’re getting the point of Love & Rockets at all. I encourage you to go back & read some earlier Los Bros Hernandez work. The people in their stories come in all shapes, sizes & colors — just like in life.

    Killer is not man-dependent. She’s a teen-aged girl that like most girls her age (and sometimes older) can’t understand why another person dumps us. And she’s not a porn star; she appeared in one movie that may or may not have been a porn movie.

    And after reading “Children of Palomar”, you focused on one of the female characters that is a merely passing through the story? And for what it’s worth, she is related to Killer.

    Finally, I would suggest that you pick up the first series of Resurrection because it was a great read. But without a “splash of color” I’m afraid you would find it kind of boring.

  6. 6 WITA

    I understand where you’re coming from, BookGnome. Love & Rockets just wasn’t my thing—and I’m not a fan of women in comics who have breasts the size of, well, rockets.

    Actually, I really like volume one of Resurrection so far. I’m not against all black and white comics—it was just that Love & Rockets didn’t impress me on any level.

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