Is that a poncho?


“Yes, it is!”

My friend, comic writer and shop owner Brandon Wilt, just got a story he illustrated published in WHEN DRIVE-INS ATTACK #3. I just bought my copy from using a run-over college paycheck of a whopping six dollars (yeah, I know, big stuff), but you can also show your support for local indy creators by picking WDA #3 up at your local comic shop.

3 Responses to “Is that a poncho?”

  1. Steph! Thanks for the hype! But I didn’t write it, I just did pencils and inks. And my Special “K” is a secret. ….and no it doesn’t stand for “pretentious” with a silent “K”.

  2. 2 WITA

    You did? :O Whoopsie (I’ll fix that)! But oooooh, even better! The art looks fabulous! Either way, my copy is on its way.

    I should have known, but the way you mentioned it on the shop’s blog made me think you did comic writing now and then, too.

    Awww damn! šŸ˜‰ Someday … I shall know.

  3. Glad you dig the art! Yeah, I mostly just focus on illustration, occasionally I will plot out stories and hand them over to a wordsmith ( currently that’s Mr. Jay Heptner from ). But this Drive Ins story is entirely written by Kenneth Whitfield, who wrote the story I illustrated in Trailer Park of Terror #7. Thanks again! Hope its worth blowing your entire paycheck on!

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