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“Yes, it is!” My friend, comic writer and shop owner Brandon Wilt, just got a story he illustrated published in WHEN DRIVE-INS ATTACK #3. I just bought my copy from using a run-over college paycheck of a whopping six dollars (yeah, I know, big stuff), but you can also show your support for local […]

It’s funny because it’s true. Chain-link fences are honestly the only things you can’t overcome or interact with appropriately in that game. The rest of Empire City is, as they say, your fucking oyster. My PlayStation 3 review of Infamous (or inFamous, whatever) will be online probably early next week … when new E3 coverage […]

I took some time out of my day to finish catching up with Marvel’s PATSY WALKER: HELLCAT limited series—one of the cutest comics I have ever read without wanting to douse myself in pink and set something on fire. Err, that came out wrong. This was my first encounter with Hellcat, and Kathryn Immonen’s writing […]

Comic shops tend to have a limit on how many free books you can take home on Free Comic Book Day. At Joy’s Japanimation, it’s six—and you can learn a lot about people by what comics they choose. On my first FCBD, you could tell I was unfamiliar with comic territory. I ended up with […]

He’s the best at what he does, and what he does best isn’t very good. Even before its May 1 release, X-Men Origins: Wolverine had already gained an unfavorable reputation similar to Brett Ratner’s unpopular X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Accompanied by various ill omens, the movie leaked onto the internet and left many fans […]

Bookshelf Sale!


I thought I’d advertise this on my blog before I went ahead and made a listing. Frankly, I’d rather sell these random comic trades through PayPal than deal with EBay or Amazon. Call me silly, but I’d rather sell them at a fair price rather than having to jack up the cost to make up […]

There are lots of good comics out there that take place in Arkham Asylum. Most notably … Arkham Asylum, back when Grant Morrison wrote smart Batman comics. Amidst the wave of guano to hit the DC streets, BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL – ARKHAM ASYLUM, despite its annoyingly long name, shines as one as the […]