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Bookshelf Sale!


I thought I’d advertise this on my blog before I went ahead and made a listing. Frankly, I’d rather sell these random comic trades through PayPal than deal with EBay or Amazon. Call me silly, but I’d rather sell them at a fair price rather than having to jack up the cost to make up […]

A friend of mine offered me some 1973 comic book dolls he found stashed away in his basement. I took the Batman ones—sans Robin, who was just freaking me out. Thought I’d share a pic! For more pictures of these guys, check out my Flikr (link in the sidebar).

Help, zombies!


Hey, everyone! I really need your help with something special I have going on right now at the Girls Entertainment Network. If you could take a few minutes out of your day to comment on my Resident Evil & comics article, you can help me (and YOU!) win a free copy of the new Resident […]

The Luna Brothers are two of my favorite comic book creators. Both are talented writers and artists, and currently they dish out this great Image comic called The Sword. You may have heard of it. It’s pretty amazing. Awhile back I talked with the Brothers about The Sword for a Girls Entertainment Network interview, and […]

It’s the final issue of NIGHTWING! 😦 Sniff. My review of issue #153 is now online over at Batman-On-Film. Thanks to Bill Ramey and especially you guys for all the great emails I’ve received during my coverage of the comic. 🙂 The experience wouldn’t have been the same without your support! And don’t worry, I […]

Yeah, so Randy Queen (remember, the writer of Darkchylde?) just sent me something he said he forgot to put in my Darkchylde/Starfall package. More free comics? Aww, shucks! So here’s the story. Randy, et al. were selling Return to Wonderland remarks for $50 a pop back when, recreating the cover art on the back with […]