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Whew! My second article for Impulse Creations is online! 🙂 I must say, it was pretty nice going home and opening my first writing paycheck. Anyway, this time I wrote a fun piece on Smallville. Let me know what you think by posting a reply on the boards. And speaking of Smallville, what do you […]



As Lex Luthor said to Clark Kent in the season seven finale of Smallville, “I loved you like a brother, Clark. But I has to end this way. I’m sorry.” That’s like, receiving a boquet of flowers, only to find out that the Joker is giving them to you, and you just got acid squirted […]

(Err … oh, yeah. That is SO a word. 😛 ) A blog called Scoops Magnum presents these Dark Knight themed South Park versions of Two-Face and Nurse Joker—which totally rock. Brainss … STARS … (Resident Evil joke, Resident Evil joke! ;D ) “HIII.” I have more awesome pics I want to post, but I […]

God, I love Star Wars. Good memories, man (including those of the Playstation 1 fighting game, right, Tim?). And Boba Fett and the Tusken Raiders (like Hoar) are some of my favorite characters. So enjoy these Spike commercials [via /Film].

If you haven’t checked out Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight on the History Channel yet, definitely do so. It will be replaying on Monday, July 21 at 10:00 pm and Tuesday, July 22 at 2:00 am. Check your local listings for the right times though, of course. My good friend Kate taped […]