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(Err … oh, yeah. That is SO a word. 😛 ) A blog called Scoops Magnum presents these Dark Knight themed South Park versions of Two-Face and Nurse Joker—which totally rock. Brainss … STARS … (Resident Evil joke, Resident Evil joke! ;D ) “HIII.” I have more awesome pics I want to post, but I […]

God, I love Star Wars. Good memories, man (including those of the Playstation 1 fighting game, right, Tim?). And Boba Fett and the Tusken Raiders (like Hoar) are some of my favorite characters. So enjoy these Spike commercials [via /Film].

If you haven’t checked out Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight on the History Channel yet, definitely do so. It will be replaying on Monday, July 21 at 10:00 pm and Tuesday, July 22 at 2:00 am. Check your local listings for the right times though, of course. My good friend Kate taped […]

Hey, guys! I found the video of Michael Caine (who plays Alfred Pennyworth in The Dark Knight) on The Tonight Show yesterday, hooray! I originally found it here, so thanks to the blog owner. I uploaded it for anyone who might have missed it or just want to watch it again. Enjoy! And sorry about […]

I just watched the multi-Academy Award-winning and two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The charming, sweet, and funny Michael Caine, who plays Alfred Pennyworth—Bruce Wayne’s butler of similar characteristics—in The Dark Knight, which comes out next freaking Friday. Yesterday the great actor was honored with a hand and footprint […]

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Aaron Eckhart. I just watched him on The Tonight Show. And so did John Bierly. Back to Eckhart. Damn, that man is fine. ;D Now I know why he looks so good in a suit! Everyone, say hello to the Clark Kent of Gotham—the White Knight, Harvey Dent. You might be […]

Hellboy and Chuck Bartowski (from the fun tv show Chuck, that is) are hanging out together in two television advertisements. You can watch them on /Film. In other news, Kevin Durand (who’s recently been on Lost as Martin Keamy), who plays Frederick J. Dukes/The Blob, talks about his part in the film in this interview—but […]