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Ohh, man. You want some classic Joker awesomeness? You got it. Check out the Joker’s fatality move for the upcoming game, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (found it on Super Punch). I really, really need to get a PS3 … damnit. I am SO reminded of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker right now (love […]

Yay epilepsy!


Haha, a writer from the Girls Entertainment Network sent the other girls and me this video. It’s awesome (though totally random, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing) and funny, so … enjoy. Batman with a guitar … rofl. “Yeah, you better run!” “I’m going to go try kicking that tree out back.” Seriously, who […]

I just read a good article on about Batman. Well, about his voice, actually. And I wanted to get some fellow moviegoers’ input on this. It’s kind of hard to miss the dramatic change in Christian Bale’s Bat-voice in Nolan’s sequel, The Dark Knight. In Batman Begins, at least, it was extremely cool. Playboy […]

Haha, nerds without t-shirts is more like it. God, I love these guys. The Stack rules. That video might be slow, so you can watch the low-res Youtube version here. Check out the Pulp Secret website for more Alex/Justin/Pete triumvirate awesomeness. 😛

Safety First tip #218: look out for the mob. The Harry Potter fan mobs. Because they’re coming, and if you aren’t careful, they will crush you like an insect in their thunderous wake. And if you think I’m exaggerating then you have never seen a diehard Harry Potter fan. They’re nuts. Yes, I love Harry […]

More Watchmen movie news! In 2009, the world will watch the Watchmen. And there’s only two words I can say to that: hell yeah. has a great article about their set visit that’s worth checking out. And /Film has some good SDCC Watchmen panel info about a director’s cut version of the film—which is […]

God, I love Star Wars. Good memories, man (including those of the Playstation 1 fighting game, right, Tim?). And Boba Fett and the Tusken Raiders (like Hoar) are some of my favorite characters. So enjoy these Spike commercials [via /Film].