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(Subject titled inspired by Cute with Chris.) Damn. Well, I said it. I said that I would only accept Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart from The Dark Knight, of course) as being 100% corpse if the news came out of Christopher Nolan’s mouth. Sigh … and it did, according to Eckhart. “I’m dead. I couldn’t even […]

WARNING: Contains spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie! Face it (heh): Harvey Dent/Two-Face’s fate at the end of The Dark Knight is a little inconclusive. Personally, I’m in the “he’s alive” group (actually, more like “He damn well better be alive!”), but very a la Two-Face, the fans seem to be split down the […]



All right, I’m going to do a quick run-through of some Dark Knight news that has been sitting in my bookmarks for awhile now. If you visit the Why So Serious? main page, a rather creepy recording mash-up will start to play immediately. The site also now has a listing of all the viral pages […]

EDIT: Holy total revamp, Batman! I’m completely redoing this post, because Tommy—the owner of the amazing Bat-Blog—has found the whole friggin’ segment of Aaron Eckhart when he was on The Tonight Show the other day. So here it is, coming to you in two parts. | |

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Aaron Eckhart. I just watched him on The Tonight Show. And so did John Bierly. Back to Eckhart. Damn, that man is fine. ;D Now I know why he looks so good in a suit! Everyone, say hello to the Clark Kent of Gotham—the White Knight, Harvey Dent. You might be […]

The Dark Knight is less than two weeks away! And this post is brought to you by SPOILER CONTROL, so you can enjoy these and future posts on my blog without wishing you had gouged your eyes out prior to reading them. This (for the present) applies to future TDK-related posts until the 18th. Enjoy! […]

Poof! Magic!


If I can momentarily direct your attention to the top of the blog … New banner! Yup, another one. And plenty more where that came from! I FINALLY got the Domino’s Dark Knight Vault to work for me, w00t! So … (semi-crappy) screen shots, hooray! Screen shots all around! I really liked this trailer—and not […]