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Just one more day, my friends. One more day until I put my new banner(s) on my blog in celebration of The Dark Knight. Lately I’ve been feeling a little creative—so the two TDK banners you saw debut back in April? You could still see them (just in a spiffy, updated form). But bet on […]

SPOILER ALERT! “Come out, come out, little Crane …” has twelve—yeah, I said twelve—exclusive clips from The Dark Knight! And none of the ten-second “clip” shit. Man, these are juicy, wholesome clips … that are also pretty highly spoilerish. Granted TDK‘s run-time is clocking in at over two and a half hours—but still, you’ve […]

Evening, Bats


The Dark Knight now has a new Myspace page and Nokia has put up one with tons of stuff, including Vcast downloads (like wallpaper, screensavers, exclusive video, a mobile game, a digital comic, and totally random ringtones) and an upcoming contest with awesome prizes. Batman-On-Film has more of Jett’s experience on the set of The […]

I Believe in Harvey Dent! That’s why I voted for him. 😛 A couple days ago I received an email entitled “Only Days Away” about the Gotham elections. It’s been an incredible last few weeks. Ever since the vicious smear campaign collapsed and Harvey Dent’s remarkable courage at the hostage crisis at Rossi’s Deli, our […]

Wizard put up some awesome new The Dark Knight photos today, but they must have taken the page down because the link won’t direct to the gallery. UGH! Lucky for you, I saved all the new ones. 😉 And these ones are Kick Ass. (So hopefully Warner Brothers won’t make me take them down.) But […]

Fancy schmancy


The official The Dark Knight website has been updated, and it’s very cool. Here’s a quick rundown with some screenshots. You can skip the intro (which is just the third trailer) once the page loads, and click the “Menu” button near the bottom for the main options. The synopsis, obviously, gives you a brief summary […]

It’s heeeere!


All right, I had to take the risk of sounding like I’m a character in a horror movie whose only real purpose is to deliver a line resembling the title of this post, because the brand spanking new trailer for The Dark Knight is online, baby! I’ve been incredibly psyched and counting down the hours […]