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Why So Goth?


Before I move along with this post, I just want to say thanks to the amazing John Bierly for getting me an insane amount of views (for my blog, anyway). Batman-On-Film linked to his Eckhart/Leno coverage, and John linked to mine. That’s one hell of a Circle of Awesome. We both made it to the […]

Yaay, the third Batman cartoon is up on Dan Piraro’s blog! Amusingly, it seems to imply that Batman’s six pack is actually just padding and that he is really an out-of-shape superhero poser. My Bats, a fake? (Sigh, when will the Joker leave him alone?) I really like how Dan draws Batman. He’s such a […]

Dan Piraro is my hero. He draws a daily comic in our newspaper around here. About a month ago he made this one, so I cut it out and taped it to the side of my computer. 😛 Along with my other Bizarro superhero comic, the one that inspired a possible blog banner in the […]

Cheers! Lost is back! First, one update: In case you haven’t watched the newest episode of House yet or you missed it (although you can watch it for free on the House website now—hurray!), there will be a special, incredibly random new House episode this Sunday after the Superbowl (check your local listings) called “Frozen.” […]