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Check out what I reviewed for this week. Plus, I posted this about the Watchmen movie (which comes out next year). So does Wolverine. Eeee, excited! ;D

Quick update! So I made a Myspace page. 😉 Feel free to add me! I also finally have a profile page and a new headshot on the Girls Entertainment Network, yay! Click here to see. Very soon GEN will be undergoing a major revamping, so I don’t know if that link will still work then. […]

Just what the doctor ordered. Here are my GEN posts for the week … I can’t wait to read Batman #676 (“Batman R.I.P.”) … and the new Batmobile is pretty snazzy: Top Cow put up a free, downloadable Witchblade comic that isn’t bad: I saw an article online called “5 Ways Iron Man Was Better […]