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New Girls Entertainment Network articles, hot off the press! Don’t forget to check out my feature video game review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Read it here. 5/18/09 A little dash of Mercury 5/19/09 Graphic Novel Review: Mad Love and Other Stories

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Everyone should check out the “Captain Blasto” webseries, created by Christopher Preksta. It’s awesome! I’ve talked to Chris (from Pittsburgh, too, hey!) about the show before, back when only a few episodes had premiered online. It’s won a bunch of awards and has gotten superb reviews. Now I’ve posted a brand new interview/review with Chris […]

Hey, guys! Yeah, I know, I haven’t been posting much. Sorry about this, I’m just SUPER busy, as I’ve mentioned before. I know the posts are slow here on my blog, but … I have some good things in-the-works elsewhere that I think you’ll definitely enjoy. Not to mention several killer interviews that are slow-roasting. […]