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I read this on /Film awhile back, and I totally flipped shit. I love Danny Boyle’s movie, Sunshine (starring Cillian Murphy)—it’s a great sci-fi/astronaut film that doesn’t fail to freak you out, change how you think about the sun, and make you appreciate the safety of earth. The musical score is by John Murphy and […]

It’s heeeere!


All right, I had to take the risk of sounding like I’m a character in a horror movie whose only real purpose is to deliver a line resembling the title of this post, because the brand spanking new trailer for The Dark Knight is online, baby! I’ve been incredibly psyched and counting down the hours […]

Just one more reason why I’m ridiculously excited for The Dark Knight: That guy. Dr. Crane—affectionately known as Scarecrow—who is played by Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins, is going to make a cameo (hopefully of a satisfyingly decent length) in The Dark Knight. God, I love this guy. He’s so friggin’ weird. Murphy did a […]