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I’ve got a lot of Bat-news to report so let’s get started! A lot has been happening on the viral marketing front. Like this new Why So Serious? page. Another countdown … to what? I guess we’ll find out soon enough! “I like dynamite, gun powder, and gasoline!” On the viral website, Gotham National Bank, […]

Some awesome Dark Knight news! Why So Serious? It’s almost the 18th! Batman-On-Film has an exclusive interview with Christopher Nolan himself! I know it’s getting very close to the release of the movie, but don’t worry, the article is essentially spoiler-free and it’s definitely worth reading. I love the ending line of the interview—about Heath. […]

Evening, Bats


The Dark Knight now has a new Myspace page and Nokia has put up one with tons of stuff, including Vcast downloads (like wallpaper, screensavers, exclusive video, a mobile game, a digital comic, and totally random ringtones) and an upcoming contest with awesome prizes. Batman-On-Film has more of Jett’s experience on the set of The […]