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This is crazy! The Dark Knight refuses to say die. This movie is still holding strong after nine days. According to /Film, TDK is expected to gross $77 million this weekend—half of what it made last weekend, the biggest opening on record. Damn. If so, the film will have grossed $315 million by Monday, surpassing […]

It’s pretty amazing what viral marketing has done for The Dark Knight. Just check out this article by The New York Times. Unbelievable! That article also features the awesome photo below. I know box office numbers say nothing about a quality of a film—that in reality, it is our voice that matters. So here (and […]

The Dark Knight is less than two weeks away! And this post is brought to you by SPOILER CONTROL, so you can enjoy these and future posts on my blog without wishing you had gouged your eyes out prior to reading them. This (for the present) applies to future TDK-related posts until the 18th. Enjoy! […]