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Happy holidays, everyone! 🙂 As a lot of you know, The Spirit releases in theaters today. Now, even though I did the cosplay, I really have no interest in seeing the movie except that I’m a comic book fan, and I just should. So I’ll probably rent it (or better yet, find it hosted for […]

Finally, my cosplay for the Spirit—in anticipation for the upcoming Christmas day movie—is up on the Girls Entertainment Network. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of my first cosplay project! It wasn’t professionally shot, and I learned a lot—but I had a fun time and I greatly appreciate the help I had with […]

Check out what comics I reviewed for CN this week! And stay tuned at the end of every week for routine updates.

First off, I want to apologize for the shoddy work I’ve been doing keeping up with the Books section of my blog (while clearly maintaining the Film section). My last book review was—holy crap—in May! (Although, as a point of interest, I’m going to start writing my review of The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott […]

The Batman


I saw this awesome poster on /Film today. A fan made a fake poster for The Dark Knight sequel advertising his obvious villain of choice: the Riddler. The poster is clearly inspired by the grimy Why So Serious? viral stuff, but in this case, it works perfectly with the Riddler because of his classic cut-and-paste […]