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SPOILER ALERT! “Come out, come out, little Crane …” has twelve—yeah, I said twelve—exclusive clips from The Dark Knight! And none of the ten-second “clip” shit. Man, these are juicy, wholesome clips … that are also pretty highly spoilerish. Granted TDK‘s run-time is clocking in at over two and a half hours—but still, you’ve […]

Oh. My God. THANK YOU, John, for sending me this. You have made my year. Just another wonderful reason why Batman pwns Superman every time. Because he’s the Goddamn Batman! ROFL, “you throw your laundry in.” There’s an interview with the equally awesome (Bale rocks, too) Gary Oldman over on Batman-On-Film. My Batman The Beginning […]

Wizard put up some awesome new The Dark Knight photos today, but they must have taken the page down because the link won’t direct to the gallery. UGH! Lucky for you, I saved all the new ones. 😉 And these ones are Kick Ass. (So hopefully Warner Brothers won’t make me take them down.) But […]

He plays characters like Jim Gordon, that’s why. Click the image below to see the rest of this post over at GEN. Speaking of Gordon, I was looking at The Dark Knight cast list on and saw that Barbara Gordon (Jim’s wife) and also their son, James Gordon Jr., will be in TDK. The […]