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Finally, my cosplay for the Spirit—in anticipation for the upcoming Christmas day movie—is up on the Girls Entertainment Network. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of my first cosplay project! It wasn’t professionally shot, and I learned a lot—but I had a fun time and I greatly appreciate the help I had with […]

Yeah, you read that right. I so want to be pwned by Chuck (aka Zachary Levi). Okay, so he’s a fictional character. But still, he’s awesome, and so is this. Traycee and Becky, my fellow writers at the Girls Entertainment Network, attended Thursday’s Gears of War 2 midnight launch celebration at EB Games on CityWalk. […]



Thanks to Tommy for kindly mentioning my interview with Dustin Nguyen about Detective’s “Heart of Hush” storyline on his awesome Bat-Blog! Gee Gosh, we’re kinda proud. Our good friend Stephanie recently did an amazing job interviewing the current Batman DETECTIVE COMICS Artist DUSTIN NGUYEN. If you have been reading that title then you know his […]

Haha, I spotted this feed on the Image Comics website and thought it was cool. 😀 It’s referring to this little review of mine that I did, like, a week ago.

Nerd power!


Hey, guys! As you might know from a previous blog post, Melissa Kucirek recently interviewed me for an article about comic books. We talked again over the phone—this time about my work for the Girls Entertainment Network and ComicNerd. You can catch it out on in the article “College Sophomore Nerds Her Way to […]