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… chicks like Batman, too. 😉 Quick note, I want to say thanks to Tommy, owner/maintainer of the fantastic Bat-Blog, for referencing my Gotham Knight review over at the Girls Entertainment Network. Thanks, man, that was awesome of you! 🙂 Now where in Gotham did he find that movie font … ;D I looked everywhere!

Here’s what I wrote for GEN this week. UPDATE: By the way, I think the format for these GEN week-in-review posts are so … clunky. I like the ComicNerd formats much better—and they’re so much easier, too. I think I’m going to work on a redesign for next time.

Hellboy and Chuck Bartowski (from the fun tv show Chuck, that is) are hanging out together in two television advertisements. You can watch them on /Film. In other news, Kevin Durand (who’s recently been on Lost as Martin Keamy), who plays Frederick J. Dukes/The Blob, talks about his part in the film in this interview—but […]

The Dark Knight is less than two weeks away! And this post is brought to you by SPOILER CONTROL, so you can enjoy these and future posts on my blog without wishing you had gouged your eyes out prior to reading them. This (for the present) applies to future TDK-related posts until the 18th. Enjoy! […]

Hell yeah! It’s finally July! And that means Gotham Knight, The Dark Knight … … and BANNERS! (And my birthday. 😉 ) Keep an eye out, folks, for eight—that’s right, EIGHT—TDK-themed banners at the top of my blog over the course of the month. The first one is up now. Happy hunting! And happy July! […]