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(Subject titled inspired by Cute with Chris.) Damn. Well, I said it. I said that I would only accept Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart from The Dark Knight, of course) as being 100% corpse if the news came out of Christopher Nolan’s mouth. Sigh … and it did, according to Eckhart. “I’m dead. I couldn’t even […]

(Err … oh, yeah. That is SO a word. 😛 ) A blog called Scoops Magnum presents these Dark Knight themed South Park versions of Two-Face and Nurse Joker—which totally rock. Brainss … STARS … (Resident Evil joke, Resident Evil joke! ;D ) “HIII.” I have more awesome pics I want to post, but I […]

WARNING: Contains spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie! Face it (heh): Harvey Dent/Two-Face’s fate at the end of The Dark Knight is a little inconclusive. Personally, I’m in the “he’s alive” group (actually, more like “He damn well better be alive!”), but very a la Two-Face, the fans seem to be split down the […]

Did I mention this artist kicks ass? Seriously, his comic book strips are awesome. I’ve posted some before, and will totally continue to do so. You know, the Joker as a nurse isn’t hard to imagine—if he was a nurse at Arkham Asylum. Any Bat-fan knows how ridiculous Arkham’s security is. It’s really a shame […]

I’ve got a lot of Bat-news to report so let’s get started! A lot has been happening on the viral marketing front. Like this new Why So Serious? page. Another countdown … to what? I guess we’ll find out soon enough! “I like dynamite, gun powder, and gasoline!” On the viral website, Gotham National Bank, […]