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I was recently asked to write an article for, an affiliate of the Girls Entertainment Network. It’s up! Click on the front page screen shot below to check it out. Thanks to the head of Hollywire and Aktrez/Becky for giving me the opportunity and for featuring my article!

Poof! Magic!


If I can momentarily direct your attention to the top of the blog … New banner! Yup, another one. And plenty more where that came from! I FINALLY got the Domino’s Dark Knight Vault to work for me, w00t! So … (semi-crappy) screen shots, hooray! Screen shots all around! I really liked this trailer—and not […]

SPOILER ALERT! “Come out, come out, little Crane …” has twelve—yeah, I said twelve—exclusive clips from The Dark Knight! And none of the ten-second “clip” shit. Man, these are juicy, wholesome clips … that are also pretty highly spoilerish. Granted TDK‘s run-time is clocking in at over two and a half hours—but still, you’ve […]

Whoo! A week or so ago a new issue of The Gotham Times came online, which only meant the Joker would be up to his usual shenanigans. See? Didn’t I tell you? Capes do NOT do wonders for the ass. You can check out The Ha Ha Ha Times volume 3 here. It’s hilarious, as […]

Ohh, thank you, /Film, for your wonderful updates. There are two new Dark Knight featurette-type videos on that include never-before-seen footage. If you’re not interested in a description or watching the vids, then don’t read on. Technically it’s not a spoiler if it’s in something official, but it’s up to your whether you want […]

Wizard put up some awesome new The Dark Knight photos today, but they must have taken the page down because the link won’t direct to the gallery. UGH! Lucky for you, I saved all the new ones. 😉 And these ones are Kick Ass. (So hopefully Warner Brothers won’t make me take them down.) But […]



Okay, it’s time for a The Dark Knight update already. It’s been awhile on this blog. Here’s the third TDK tv spot in high-quality. I actually saw the “premiere” of it Thursday night with the season finale of Smallville. Loove the Joker at the end, ha ha ha. (Because the jerks disabled the embed function […]