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The season finale of House, “Wilson’s Heart, was amazing. Season two’s finale was very exciting, but this one was in a different way. There wasn’t a huge, dramatic cliffhanger. Brian Singer and the writers did a really good job with this one. The music was great, as usual, too. No one cares about Amber—and maybe […]

Wow, I haven’t reviewed any tv episodes in a looong time, but I figured with season finales coming up, I better at least write something about the final episodes of the season. Let’s start with House (WARNING: SPOILERS). Monday’s episode (ach, I always forget it’s not on Tuesdays anymore), “House’s Head,” was the beginning of […]

À la Brotherhood 2.0, this post is coming to you in more than one part. Part I: What’s up with the writers’ strike? It’s frickin’ over, that’s what! After three months, they finally settled on a deal with the WGA. So what does this mean for your shows? Weeelll … it’s not so good. The […]

Okay, several things. For anyone who didn’t catch (or bother to watch, whichever) Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, Daniel Day-Lewis won outstanding male actor for There Will Be Blood (yeah, I know this is somewhat belated, but I don’t always have time to spare to write these posts when I’d like to). Why do […]