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Whoops! Apparently I forgot to post last week’s Impulse article, so now you get a double dose of comic-y goodness, yo. Last week I wrote in-depth about why Hush would make the perfect villain for Nolan’s next Bat-film. You can read “Hush the Rumors” here. And for tomorrow’s Impulse newsletter I whipped up a Halloween […]

I’m voting Hush for the next Nolan/Batman film. (This is a response to John Bierly’s Bat-School casting post, by the way.) Hush is a seriously fucked up character, and I’d absolutely love to see Nolan’s take on him. He’s totally doable, too. Physically, he’s just a built guy with guns (and speaking of guns, you […]

Here are the comics I reviewed this week for CN.

Here’s what I reviewed this week.