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Whoa, I can’t believe we’re a week into June already! This month should be packed with content! For now, you can check out my monthly Showcase article. This time around it features reviews of BATMAN AND SCARECROW YEAR ONE, the Luna Brothers’ Girls Volume 1: Conception, and Fallen Angel Vol. 5: Red Horse Riding. Enjoy!

Hey, everybody! VirtualGirl (aka Meg), Jill, and I have put together a list of our top picks in comics from the last year. Be sure to check out Comics: Best of 2008! There are more than just Marvel and DC picks, btw! … C’mon, those graphics were a lot of work! Show some comment love, […]

Because The Sword is AWESOME. One of the interviews I’ve been cooking up—in which I talk with Joshua and Jonathan Luna about their comic for Image called The Sword—is now online for your reading pleasure (just click the banner below). If you haven’t checked this comic out, please do. It’s fantastic. Big thanks to Image […]