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New Girls Entertainment Network reviews, hot off the press! Stop by and check out my latest feature, a review of the PlayStation 3 superhero game, Infamous. You can read that here. 6/3/09 Comic Book Review: Robot 13 #1

It’s funny because it’s true. Chain-link fences are honestly the only things you can’t overcome or interact with appropriately in that game. The rest of Empire City is, as they say, your fucking oyster. My PlayStation 3 review of Infamous (or inFamous, whatever) will be online probably early next week … when new E3 coverage […]

At 1:00 PM PST today, Nate Fox and David Meyer opened up the floor to fans and chatted live on the PlayStation.Blog for a half hour about the upcoming Infamous game from Sucker Punch. So what was revealed during the Q&A session? I’ve got a run-down right here. Concept Cole McGrath, the main character, begins […]