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Iron Mannn!


On September 30, the single-disc, two-disc, and blu-ray editions of Iron Man will be released. Whooo! And the movie is coming with two discs worth its iron weight in extras. The 2-Disc Ultimate Edition will contain 11 deleted scenes (Convoy Ambush, Craps Table with Tony & Rhodey, Tony & Rhodey on Stark Jet and Military […]

So in honor of the new Iron Man movie (which everybody knows was brilliant), here are some great Iron Man-themed comic strips by a great DeviantArt artist, TheMonkeyYOUWant (see my blogroll for his profile link). Enjoy “Legends of Drunken Iron Man!” (I particularly liked four and five.) Click on the pictures to see a full […]

Just what the doctor ordered. Here are my GEN posts for the week … I can’t wait to read Batman #676 (“Batman R.I.P.”) … and the new Batmobile is pretty snazzy: Top Cow put up a free, downloadable Witchblade comic that isn’t bad: I saw an article online called “5 Ways Iron Man Was Better […]

This week, on the Girls Entertainment Network … Free Comic Book Day reports by me and a few other GEN writers. With lots of great cosplay pictures! I also interviewed Aktrez/Becky’s friend Christine Caton, an aspiring artist and comic book creator. This was lots of fun to do, too. Wow, I’m such a dork, but […]

Oh. My. GOD. This movie rocked my socks, I don’t even know how else to put it. Iron Man came out in theaters last Friday, and due to some unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to go watch it until today. Even so, this movie was well worth the wait. Directed by Jon Favreau, there was […]