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Bad news, good news. I literally just read this. Remember that video game Gary Oldman kindly told us about that was supposed to be based on The Dark Knight and come out later this year, around the release date of the film’s dvd? Well, I speak in the past tense because there’s not going to […]

Now here’s a Bat-update that has nothing to do with The Dark Knight—just some fun things I found around the internet. Like another great comic strip by TheMonkeyYOUWant. I like the way Harvey is drawn. He’s pretty stylish. Plus, it looks like the Joker or somebody threw a blue raspberry (acid) slushee in his face, […]

So I’m taking a break from GEN to make a jam-packed Batman news post for my own blog. Because it needs love, too. 😀 The new issue of DETAILS magazine comes out June 3, and it features a really cool article with Christian Bale. Sexy as always, he’s on the front cover. Just look at […]