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I love Star Wars (yeah, geek here, if you haven’t noticed), especially the original trilogy, so when I saw this I just cracked up. Stormtroopers have always been a favorite object of fan-based mockery for some reason. This Youtube series is hilarious if you’re up-to-speed on Lost. Here’s the latest vid. | |

Wow, I haven’t reviewed any tv episodes in a looong time, but I figured with season finales coming up, I better at least write something about the final episodes of the season. Let’s start with House (WARNING: SPOILERS). Monday’s episode (ach, I always forget it’s not on Tuesdays anymore), “House’s Head,” was the beginning of […]

Last Thursday’s episode of Lost, “Eggtown,” lived up to the more than satisfiable quality of the other episodes so far in this season, and ended with a twist quite typical to the show’s famous (and perhaps at times infamous) recipe. Firstly, why the hell is it called “Eggtown?” I wondered that myself, actually, until I […]

ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, the creative genius behind the Marvel/DC Youtube videos, was hired by the New York Comic-Con to make them a few promotional spots. Marvel approved the first one, featuring Doom. Way to go, man! Okay, Lost. If you watched last night’s episode, “Eggtown”—was the ending not creepy? That’s just fucked up. I won’t say anything […]

À la Brotherhood 2.0, this post is coming to you in more than one part. Part I: What’s up with the writers’ strike? It’s frickin’ over, that’s what! After three months, they finally settled on a deal with the WGA. So what does this mean for your shows? Weeelll … it’s not so good. The […]

A lot was left open in the season premiere of Lost Thursday night. Some interesting things did arise, however. If anyone missed it, the episode began with a car chase, and it was none other than the much-loved Hurley driving like, well, a maniac. Hurley screams, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m one of […]

Cheers! Lost is back! First, one update: In case you haven’t watched the newest episode of House yet or you missed it (although you can watch it for free on the House website now—hurray!), there will be a special, incredibly random new House episode this Sunday after the Superbowl (check your local listings) called “Frozen.” […]