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Here’s what I wrote for GEN this week. UPDATE: By the way, I think the format for these GEN week-in-review posts are so … clunky. I like the ComicNerd formats much better—and they’re so much easier, too. I think I’m going to work on a redesign for next time. Advertisements

My GEN posts for the week! | |

Here are my GEN posts for the week! (You don’t really need little summaries for each one, do you?) | |



It’s that time again! Monday I came up with this, which is something I’ll be doing weekly on GEN from now on. Wow, what did I get myself into? (At least it’ll be nice for me, too, because it’ll force myself to stay on top of what comics are coming out each week, hehe.) This […]

ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, the creative genius behind the Marvel/DC Youtube videos, was hired by the New York Comic-Con to make them a few promotional spots. Marvel approved the first one, featuring Doom. Way to go, man! Okay, Lost. If you watched last night’s episode, “Eggtown”—was the ending not creepy? That’s just fucked up. I won’t say anything […]

After Hours


Check out this new video for We Are Scientists’ new song, “After Hours” (and no, there’s no relation to ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, the genius behind the Marvel/DC Youtube vids) directed by Akiva Schaffer of The Lonely Island (an internet site, and for those of you who don’t know anything about it, the guys behind it have been […]