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My monthly column might have been taken down from Batman-On-Film due to Bill’s time management skills (aw, I’m kidding, Bill 😉 ), but my NIGHTWING reviews still live on! … Until next month when NIGHTWING gets the temporary axe. (What the hell kind of phrase is that, Stephanie? Come ON!) Erm, anyway. Enjoy my review […]

Issue #151 of NIGHTWING is up over at Batman-On-Film. Go check it out! 🙂 And happy holidays! Enjoy this cute B:TAS-styled picture of Bats.

In this week’s article, I discuss the recent Batman title cancellations and changes in the midst of a height of Batman popularity, and what it could mean for the DCU. Remember, comments at the forum are encouraged and much appreciated! Enjoy! And check back at the end of each week for updates. No time? Subscribe […]

NIGHTWING #150 ends an iffy arc written by Tomasi, and you can check out my review over at Batman-On-Film. Enjoy!

W00t! My monthly review of NIGHTWING (issue 149) is online over at Batman-On-Film. I’ll update this post whenever my September Bat-Comics Recap is up, too. And stay tuned for a double dose of BOF writing later this month … Ohhh, what could it be? 😉

Squee! Oh my freaking God, they’re re-releasing Batman: The Animated Series on dvd! Every episode ALL IN ONE snazzy package, baby. This beautiful creation is $75 on Amazon … but boy, is it worth it! You can bet I’ll be picking this up sometime this winter, because I’ve wanted this for sooo long (BTAS was […]

Check out what comics I reviewed for CN this week! And stay tuned at the end of every week for routine updates.