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It’s funny because it’s true. Chain-link fences are honestly the only things you can’t overcome or interact with appropriately in that game. The rest of Empire City is, as they say, your fucking oyster. My PlayStation 3 review of Infamous (or inFamous, whatever) will be online probably early next week … when new E3 coverage […]



Ninjas rock. I mean, Batman’s a ninja. Granted he’s a more unconventional ninja, what with the dressing up like a bat and donning a cape and tights and all—but he still has mad ninja skillz. Along with Adopt-a-Butler (inspired by awesome English butlers like Alfred) and The Dork Knights (a computer geek business like Best […]

How cool would that be? 😀 ;;smacks forehead;; That makes perfect sense! Sauron’s a Decepticon! … Gabe fucking rocks. I ❤ that book. Whatever they do, they better not screw it up. According to a friend, they’re splitting the book into two movies, to which I responded, “Uh, but The Hobbit really isn’t a long […]