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Damn, Dustin Nguyen’s art is so awesome! I am SO getting this hardcover beauty of the Detective storyline “Heart of Hush” when it comes out. And speaking of awesome, the word on the street is that a new special edition dvd and blu-ray release of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is being considered. I’d buy […]

(Subject line inspired by this.) More great comic strips by DeviantART user TheMonkeyYOUWant. (You can see past posts featuring his art here.) Ohhh, Adam West’s Batman … Not exactly the sharpest knife in Gotham’s slums. He is, however, perhaps the most colorful clown at the party (besides, err, the Joker). Perverted Jokes with Adam West […]

Did I mention this artist kicks ass? Seriously, his comic book strips are awesome. I’ve posted some before, and will totally continue to do so. You know, the Joker as a nurse isn’t hard to imagine—if he was a nurse at Arkham Asylum. Any Bat-fan knows how ridiculous Arkham’s security is. It’s really a shame […]

Why So Goth?


Before I move along with this post, I just want to say thanks to the amazing John Bierly for getting me an insane amount of views (for my blog, anyway). Batman-On-Film linked to his Eckhart/Leno coverage, and John linked to mine. That’s one hell of a Circle of Awesome. We both made it to the […]

So in honor of the new Iron Man movie (which everybody knows was brilliant), here are some great Iron Man-themed comic strips by a great DeviantArt artist, TheMonkeyYOUWant (see my blogroll for his profile link). Enjoy “Legends of Drunken Iron Man!” (I particularly liked four and five.) Click on the pictures to see a full […]