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Seven posts in seven days! Now that it’s summer, I have more time on my hands to make three plus posts a week. Here’s what I think is my best post so far on GEN and the first of the week. I finally did a cosplay post in which, to spice things up, I interviewed […]

It’s heeeere!


All right, I had to take the risk of sounding like I’m a character in a horror movie whose only real purpose is to deliver a line resembling the title of this post, because the brand spanking new trailer for The Dark Knight is online, baby! I’ve been incredibly psyched and counting down the hours […]

Movie goodness


I really want to go see Iron Man, so maybe I’ll drag someone along with me this weekend. Not to mention people have reported seeing the new The Dark Knight trailer with the previews. Sweeet. I heard the movie is supposed to be amazing by itself, though, so I’m excited for when I do see […]

I’ve never hated the fact that I live in Pittsburgh and not Philadelphia more in my life than I have since The Dark Knight viral marketing. No, really. I’ve never hated that fact. I’ve actually cherished that fact. But now, frankly, I’m pissed. And jealous. Very jealous. Sigh, so of course Philadelphia was one of […]

Why So Happy?


One … more … day … argh. Gather with 300 of your closest friends at this exact spot on April 28th. You’ll need to be in contact with a partner-in-crime who has online access to relay your instructions once you’re there. These instructions will give you the TRAIL to follow, but be sure to look […]