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Safety First tip #218: look out for the mob. The Harry Potter fan mobs. Because they’re coming, and if you aren’t careful, they will crush you like an insect in their thunderous wake. And if you think I’m exaggerating then you have never seen a diehard Harry Potter fan. They’re nuts. Yes, I love Harry […]

The Dark Knight is less than two weeks away! And this post is brought to you by SPOILER CONTROL, so you can enjoy these and future posts on my blog without wishing you had gouged your eyes out prior to reading them. This (for the present) applies to future TDK-related posts until the 18th. Enjoy! […]

Some awesome Dark Knight news! Why So Serious? It’s almost the 18th! Batman-On-Film has an exclusive interview with Christopher Nolan himself! I know it’s getting very close to the release of the movie, but don’t worry, the article is essentially spoiler-free and it’s definitely worth reading. I love the ending line of the interview—about Heath. […]

Whoa, looks like there is even more Dark Knight news out than I thought! Which is awesome, in case you were wondering. 😉 Holy font! Starting off, The Gotham Times website has been updated! Yes, volume 3 is out, which only means the Joker can’t be far behind in retaliation with his version of the […]

Batman-On-Film put up an interview today with Executive and Senior Vice President Gregory Novek about Batman: Gotham Knight, which comes out on dvd and blu-ray July 8. I’m so psyched for it! There are some gorgeous pictures throughout the interview, too. This is going to be a new and different look to Gotham. I’m excited. […]

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The official The Dark Knight website has been updated, and it’s very cool. Here’s a quick rundown with some screenshots. You can skip the intro (which is just the third trailer) once the page loads, and click the “Menu” button near the bottom for the main options. The synopsis, obviously, gives you a brief summary […]

The official Dark Knight movie page has been updated, and it’s revamped and awesome! You can once again watch all the trailers. I noticed this earlier today, actually, but for some reason it didn’t click in my head that it was new. So I didn’t realize it until Batman-On-Film posted it on their site. (By […]