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Before the release of the Watchmen movie, GeekTyrant published a chat with Zack Snyder in which he addresses nine changes from the classic graphic novel to his on-screen adaptation. I didn’t check this out prior to seeing the film, but I did bookmark it to read later. Turns out, the article provides a convenient way […]

What else is this movie going to throw at us innocent fans? Okay, maybe we’re not so innocent, but we don’t deserve this crap. First there was the Fox/Warner Bros. court brawl over the rights to Watchmen, and now there’s the recently released info about the DVD/blu-ray. My friend Brandon (who owns a comic shop […]

Amusingly dubbed “Lower Manhattan,” the Watchmen film’s apparent separate character known as Dr. Manhattan’s dong is large, pulsating blue, and on display for the world to see. The thing I don’t understand is that the world both knows what a penis looks like and seems to be quite easily distracted by the power of a […]

Funny or Die managed to get Malin Ackerman—the actress who portrays Silk Spectre II in Watchmen—to play herself in a video where she participates in the unbelievably exciting activities of sleeping, wearing a bathrobe, and talking to nerds. To an awkward comic nerd of the male gender, however, those actually are unbelievably exciting activities. Remember, […]

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