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Before the release of the Watchmen movie, GeekTyrant published a chat with Zack Snyder in which he addresses nine changes from the classic graphic novel to his on-screen adaptation. I didn’t check this out prior to seeing the film, but I did bookmark it to read later. Turns out, the article provides a convenient way […]

Oh my freaking God, Watchmen is almost here! If you’re not sure whether you should go see it, just go. The graphic novel is brilliant, and I’ve been hearing good things about the movie. I checked out a pretty cool viral website for the movie today via /Film. I didn’t watch much of the ten-minute […]

For those of you who haven’t read the classic graphic novel Watchmen (erm, why haven’t you?) written by Alan Moore, you might not know about the comic-within-the-comic, Tales of the Black Freighter. Basically, Black Freighter mirrors the gruesome reality and happenings within the bigger story—down to virtually every frightening detail. Under the Hood is an […]

More Watchmen movie news! In 2009, the world will watch the Watchmen. And there’s only two words I can say to that: hell yeah. has a great article about their set visit that’s worth checking out. And /Film has some good SDCC Watchmen panel info about a director’s cut version of the film—which is […]

New format! Let me know what you think of it. Anyway, here’s what I wrote this week for GEN.