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The writers’ strike SUCKS and needs to end. Did you know the previous one, in 1988, lasted six months? Now, I’m all gung-ho for supporting writers. I write. But I want new episodes. Not to mention this could be very, very bad for Smallville fans. With Michael Rosenbaum ready to hit the actor’s Oregon Trail […]

What’s the best part of the Smallville episode, “Spell”? When Lex plays the piano, of course … infinit├ís. [sonific cc3ec405849c89ba6c6513b730a3ea062e211e72] Impromptu in E Flat Major by Franz Shubert Practice, practice. See? She really did say “infinit├ís.” And you thought I made that up. Okay, I know this is from season four, for crap’s sake, but […]

Hey, well, this is going to be my place for ranting on pretty much whatever. This, as my header reads (it’s Lex Luthor as the Man of Steel revealing a bloody “S” on his chest, if you were wondering), is where fiction collides. Hopefully I’ll have something to put up here after the X-mas madness […]