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Good news! Now, remember—you didn’t hear this from me (at least, pretend you didn’t), but there’s a strong possibility that a certain female Batman-On-Film reviewer (uhm, like, I think the only one?) might just be covering Paul Dini and Guillem March’s June GOTHAM CITY SIRENS title. I’m a big fan of Dini’s storytelling, and recently […]

It’s the final issue of NIGHTWING! 😦 Sniff. My review of issue #153 is now online over at Batman-On-Film. Thanks to Bill Ramey and especially you guys for all the great emails I’ve received during my coverage of the comic. 🙂 The experience wouldn’t have been the same without your support! And don’t worry, I […]

My monthly column might have been taken down from Batman-On-Film due to Bill’s time management skills (aw, I’m kidding, Bill 😉 ), but my NIGHTWING reviews still live on! … Until next month when NIGHTWING gets the temporary axe. (What the hell kind of phrase is that, Stephanie? Come ON!) Erm, anyway. Enjoy my review […]

Bad news, guys. Due to Bill Ramey—the great dude who runs Batman-On-Film—feeling way overwhelmed, he’s decided to cut my monthly column over on the site. I’m a little bummed, especially with NIGHTWING being temporarily cancelled, but Bill is going to keep me signed on for when NIGHTWING returns and has further extended the offer to […]

Issue #151 of NIGHTWING is up over at Batman-On-Film. Go check it out! 🙂 And happy holidays! Enjoy this cute B:TAS-styled picture of Bats.