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Blog update


As you can probably tell, this blog has been a little neglected lately. Not to mention it’s due for a major revamp, so guess what? It’s going to get one. No, there isn’t a set date for WITA 2.0, and I can’t let you in on any specifics right now. Just stay tuned, because when […]

I’m pretty sure this image is strongly offensive, but oh well. Grammar Nazi to the max! My friend Kate sent me this. An Arabic dude named ibn Hazm was apparently ahead of the curve back in his 11th-century day, because this is how they should teach grammar, man. from “The Ring of the Dove” translated […]

Vote, goddamnit


The Goddamn Batman says, “Goddamn vote already!” Click on the icon to go vote in the poll.

(Subject of this post refers to this hilarious video.) Well, folks, Barack Obama is now the new President of the United States. Hooooray! ;;streamers;; Anyway, I felt like spreading the voting cheer and making a poll. HA! Not what you expected, I know. 😉 Oh, well. So I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog, and for […]

Heart and soul


This little piece of art (“boy make girl feel good”) by the amazing Dustin Nguyen … is one of the most beautiful drawings I have ever seen. Not only are the boy and the girl embraced, but their bodies have literally become one, as the lines of the drawing melt into one another. And if […]