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Poof! Magic!


If I can momentarily direct your attention to the top of the blog … New banner! Yup, another one. And plenty more where that came from! I FINALLY got the Domino’s Dark Knight Vault to work for me, w00t! So … (semi-crappy) screen shots, hooray! Screen shots all around! I really liked this trailer—and not […]

Yay, the first episode of Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel is up on the Gotham Cable News viral website! This is a political debate you’ll actually want to watch. (Or maybe just Batman fans, whatever.) In the ep, Mike Engel (Anthony Michael Hall) talks with Harvey Dent’s Media Manager Allan Cypes (pictured below), the shady […]

Damn. I thought they were going to show Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel on the Gotham Cable News website today. But according to this, they just meant Comcast OnDemand. This is one of those times I really wish I had something more than local tv. (I also wish I lived in Chicago.) But why couldn’t […]

So I’m taking a break from GEN to make a jam-packed Batman news post for my own blog. Because it needs love, too. 😀 The new issue of DETAILS magazine comes out June 3, and it features a really cool article with Christian Bale. Sexy as always, he’s on the front cover. Just look at […]