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Cheers! Lost is back! First, one update: In case you haven’t watched the newest episode of House yet or you missed it (although you can watch it for free on the House website now—hurray!), there will be a special, incredibly random new House episode this Sunday after the Superbowl (check your local listings) called “Frozen.” […]

Okay, several things. For anyone who didn’t catch (or bother to watch, whichever) Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, Daniel Day-Lewis won outstanding male actor for There Will Be Blood (yeah, I know this is somewhat belated, but I don’t always have time to spare to write these posts when I’d like to). Why do […]

Well, this is just eerie: Jack Nicholson Said He ‘Warned’ Heath Ledger Jack Nicholson didn’t seem too distraught over Ledger’s death, to say the least, as he turned the news into a smug joke (see the complete video here). Nicholson was strangely vague when he scoffed matter-of-factly, with unconvincing pity (à la le sigh), “I […]

Actor Heath Ledger Is Found Dead Holy crap indeed. Okay, on a shock level, this ranks up there with Steve Irwin’s very ironic death. Perhaps it even trumps Death-by-Sting-Ray. Not only am I saddened because today, January 22nd, 2008, we’ve lost a respectable actor, but because of the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Now, […]