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Goddamn results


Yay results! Thanks to everyone who voted in the recent blog poll. It looks like you decided to put the power solely in my hands … wussies. 😉 Nah, just kidding. I think I’ll mix it up by dabbing in various things, so stay tuned!

UPDATED! Hey, everyone! Just wanted to post a quick update. First off, feel free to check out my Girls Entertainment Network, Batman-On-Film, and Impulse Creations articles in the three posts below. They’re pretty much all reviews this time around, because I’m buusyyyy with college finals. X-mas break is almost here, whooo! 🙂 The second order […]

Vote, goddamnit


The Goddamn Batman says, “Goddamn vote already!” Click on the icon to go vote in the poll.

Time for some feedback from the lovely few of you who actually read my blog (or have stumbled upon it by some amazing roll of the dice). Hell, I just hope somebody actually reads this post. I’ve been thinking of changing my banner from time to time. I have some ideas in mind, but I’d […]