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According to /Film, there’s a website called—inspired by the moment in Star Wars: A New Hope where Obi-Wan Kanobi says, “That’s no moon … that’s a space station. The website shows nothing more than a giant picture of a Deathstar. Now, that is just awesome. In unrelated news, Nine Inch Nails—one of my favorite […]

Here’s the very cool new Pete Yorn song, “Sans Fear,” which was recorded in Salem, Oregon with Frank Black. I really like Pete Yorn—and I hope we get this one on an album soon. What do you think? UPDATE: Now with more Yorn goodness.

I read this on /Film awhile back, and I totally flipped shit. I love Danny Boyle’s movie, Sunshine (starring Cillian Murphy)—it’s a great sci-fi/astronaut film that doesn’t fail to freak you out, change how you think about the sun, and make you appreciate the safety of earth. The musical score is by John Murphy and […]

(Subject line inspired by this song.) Today my friend Ryan told me in response to this that I looked like Shirley Manson, the awesome lead singer of Garbage (one of my favorite bands EVER). I dunno, what do you think? I’ve also been told I remind someone (cough JOHN cough) of Julianna Hatfield (whose song, […]

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s Random Song is depressing and brutally truthful yet funny: “That’s How People Grow Up” by Morrissey (lyrics here). Warning: this music video is actually pretty lame, but the song is cool. It cracked me up, made me somewhat sad, and finally communicated a stupidly, blatantly obvious point I’ve wanted to scream […]