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(Subject titled inspired by Cute with Chris.) Damn. Well, I said it. I said that I would only accept Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart from The Dark Knight, of course) as being 100% corpse if the news came out of Christopher Nolan’s mouth. Sigh … and it did, according to Eckhart. “I’m dead. I couldn’t even […]

I’m voting Hush for the next Nolan/Batman film. (This is a response to John Bierly’s Bat-School casting post, by the way.) Hush is a seriously fucked up character, and I’d absolutely love to see Nolan’s take on him. He’s totally doable, too. Physically, he’s just a built guy with guns (and speaking of guns, you […]

The Batman


I saw this awesome poster on /Film today. A fan made a fake poster for The Dark Knight sequel advertising his obvious villain of choice: the Riddler. The poster is clearly inspired by the grimy Why So Serious? viral stuff, but in this case, it works perfectly with the Riddler because of his classic cut-and-paste […]

More Batman-related news. Apparently IMDB might have been hacked. Haha, yeah, remember how The Dark Knight stole the top slot on’s Top 250 Movies list? Bat-fans rejoiced. But according to /Film on Thursday, it came to people’s attention that something was a little off—because TDK was both #1 on the Top 250 chart and […]

This is crazy! The Dark Knight refuses to say die. This movie is still holding strong after nine days. According to /Film, TDK is expected to gross $77 million this weekend—half of what it made last weekend, the biggest opening on record. Damn. If so, the film will have grossed $315 million by Monday, surpassing […]

It’s pretty amazing what viral marketing has done for The Dark Knight. Just check out this article by The New York Times. Unbelievable! That article also features the awesome photo below. I know box office numbers say nothing about a quality of a film—that in reality, it is our voice that matters. So here (and […]