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Thanks to Tommy for kindly mentioning my interview with Dustin Nguyen about Detective’s “Heart of Hush” storyline on his awesome Bat-Blog! Gee Gosh, we’re kinda proud. Our good friend Stephanie recently did an amazing job interviewing the current Batman DETECTIVE COMICS Artist DUSTIN NGUYEN. If you have been reading that title then you know his […]

See what articles I wrote for the Girls Entertainment Network (why yes, we did relaunch) this week, and check back at the end of each week for GEN updates. Posts of interest: Interview with Dustin Friggin’ Nguyen!

Ohmigod Nguyen!


Interview with artist Dustin Nguyen, whooooo! 😀 What a great guy—it was really a pleasure and a lot of fun to talk to him. I absolutely love his art right now on the Detective Comics storyline, “Heart of Hush.” Writer Paul Dini is on fire, too! Gah, can’t wait for the next issue! Anyway, go […]

Damn, Dustin Nguyen’s art is so awesome! I am SO getting this hardcover beauty of the Detective storyline “Heart of Hush” when it comes out. And speaking of awesome, the word on the street is that a new special edition dvd and blu-ray release of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is being considered. I’d buy […]

Ohh, man. You want some classic Joker awesomeness? You got it. Check out the Joker’s fatality move for the upcoming game, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (found it on Super Punch). I really, really need to get a PS3 … damnit. I am SO reminded of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker right now (love […]

Here are the comics I reviewed this week for CN.

Here’s what I reviewed this week.