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Damn, Dustin Nguyen’s art is so awesome! I am SO getting this hardcover beauty of the Detective storyline “Heart of Hush” when it comes out. And speaking of awesome, the word on the street is that a new special edition dvd and blu-ray release of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is being considered. I’d buy […]

Check out what comics I reviewed for CN this week! And stay tuned at the end of every week for routine updates.

First off, I want to apologize for the shoddy work I’ve been doing keeping up with the Books section of my blog (while clearly maintaining the Film section). My last book review was—holy crap—in May! (Although, as a point of interest, I’m going to start writing my review of The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott […]

Oh. My God. THANK YOU, John, for sending me this. You have made my year. Just another wonderful reason why Batman pwns Superman every time. Because he’s the Goddamn Batman! ROFL, “you throw your laundry in.” There’s an interview with the equally awesome (Bale rocks, too) Gary Oldman over on Batman-On-Film. My Batman The Beginning […]