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Vote, goddamnit


The Goddamn Batman says, “Goddamn vote already!” Click on the icon to go vote in the poll.



Thanks to Tommy for kindly mentioning my interview with Dustin Nguyen about Detective’s “Heart of Hush” storyline on his awesome Bat-Blog! Gee Gosh, we’re kinda proud. Our good friend Stephanie recently did an amazing job interviewing the current Batman DETECTIVE COMICS Artist DUSTIN NGUYEN. If you have been reading that title then you know his […]

(Subject of this post refers to this hilarious video.) Well, folks, Barack Obama is now the new President of the United States. Hooooray! ;;streamers;; Anyway, I felt like spreading the voting cheer and making a poll. HA! Not what you expected, I know. 😉 Oh, well. So I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog, and for […]

Haha, I spotted this feed on the Image Comics website and thought it was cool. 😀 It’s referring to this little review of mine that I did, like, a week ago.