Batman’s dead? Give me a break already


Okay, so if you haven’t heard the news yet for some reason, Grant Morrison “killed off” Batman in Wednesday’s issue of FINAL CRISIS #6 (of 7). So he’s dead, and DC Comics barely flinches? Uhm, I don’t think so. I tracked down the issue and read it, just so I could figure this out for myself. And here are six reasons why I think this whole thing is bullshit.

1. Are there two Grant Morrisons? Grant Morrison just finished up BATMAN: RIP, and earlier he said that what he planned to do to Batman “is a fate worse than death.” In fact, when asked about FINAL CRISIS and whether it inevitably meant certain death for characters like Batman, Morrison said, “I’d rather not kill characters. I like to give fates worse than death.” He explained things even more:

CMix: And how does Batman R.I.P. fit into the timeline of Final Crisis?

GM: It takes place before [Final Crisis]. R.I.P. will lead into Final Crisis. Whether the Batman in Final Crisis is actually Bruce Wayne, you’ve got to see for yourself. It could be Nightwing, it could be Tim. Tim deserves it, you know, he chose the life and he’s worked hard. Nightwing would be fun, but a very different Batman, more smart-ass.

2. It just doesn’t make any sense. Killing off Batman (up there as one of DC’s top superheroes) is pretty close to publisher dismemberment. Whatever DC is doing—not to mention in the chaotic midst of all these cancellations—they’re not doing it very well, especially considering the recent success of The Dark Knight. That movie has been getting people interested in Batman comics, but there’s no way I would recommend any of them right now for either new or returning readers. “RIP” was choppy and an overall disappointment, and it left a huge mess in its wake for other writers to clean up. Then Morrison gets to come back and do more damage later on when he finishes his “RIP” plans.

3. Darkseid? Darkseid?! Oh, come on! I have to agree with Ra’s Al Ghul on this one. In the latest issue of NIGHTWING (issue #152), Ra’s told Dick Grayson that Batman deserved to die by the hands of one of his worthiest opponents—not only someone who could match him but someone who respected him, as well. Of course, Ra’s thinks that person should have been him … And Nightwing told him to suck it by basically saying, “Dude, Batman has always kicked your butt. It’s never gonna happen.”

4. With the last few reasons in mind … since when does Batman use a gun? Morrison has mentioned that the FINAL CRISIS Batman might not be Bruce Wayne, so could Morrison be throwing a hint our way? Of course, the Dark Knight says he’s willing to make an exception this one time, but I still don’t buy it. It’s way too uncharacteristic—and Batman definitely would not be smug about it. If you ask me, something’s off.

5. Comic book characters come back all the time. It’s nothing new. If DC brought Superman back to life after they allowed Doomsday to beat him to a bloody pulp (“Death of Superman”), then it’s not surprising they figured something like that happening to Batman would be pretty neat. Except it’s not, DC. Because Grant Morrison running the show.

6. Will the real Batman please stand up? Pretty much every fan will advocate that Bruce Wayne is the one and only Batman, and DC friggin’ knows it. “Battle of the Cowl” might be approaching, but this isn’t the first time someone has clambored for the title. Remember Azrael? If you lose Bruce Wayne, you lose a huge chunk of the fanbase. Batman just wouldn’t be the same.

Discuss: What do you think? Dead or alive—or forget Grant Morrison, and he can take the Son of Batman with him?

12 Responses to “Batman’s dead? Give me a break already”

  1. Who knows, Bats could be back amongst the living in issue 7. We all know he’s coming back so it is hard to justify killing the character. It doesn’t really serve the story or add to the mythos of Batman if we all know it isn’t real.

  2. Lol I actually thought about that. There IS one more issue to FINAL CRISIS.

    And yeah, that’s definitely the bottom line: What’s the point?

  3. 3 smilesmile80

    Yeah, maybe reading the issues leading up to this would help, it’s convoluted as shit but it still feels like its leading somewhere; i just hope that somewhere is soon enough to keep a regular dc reader’s interest. And to hell with people who read comics cause they saw a movie, that’s what Alan Moore’s for, not Grant “I’m a brilliant effin lunatic” Morrisson.

  4. Well, I mean I’m always excited when more people take a serious interest in Batman—aren’t you? It just seems like a pretty dumb move by DC when Batman’s so popular right now.

  5. 5 Jack

    Batman IS DEAD?!?

    Batman is not really dead because D.C. comics would be the dumbest company in the world for killing their #1 money maker right now..

    Grant Morrison’s run has been eclectic so far from what I have of it .

    Iam betting the Batman that died is either from another earth or a clone or Damien or that lump of clay thing that tried to steal his memories.

    Bruce Wayne is still alive somewhere in Gotham City…

  6. Exactly.

    LOL the Lump—best suggestion EVER. I wonder if the Final Crisis Batman will turn out to be whoever comes out on top of Battle for the Cowl? Eh, who even knows. 😀

  7. 7 strangecolour22

    hey, its me again.
    and yeah, i agree with all you points. I used to liek morrison, but now he’s just a tool. I’m so over all the goddam ‘cirsis’ and ‘event’s and ‘WORLD SHATTERING EPIC TALES THAT WILL SHATTER ANC CHANGE YOUR WORLD EPICALLY!!!!’ (that happen once ever six months…)
    I read that dudes ammendmant to his opinion peice on BOF -the first of which was so utterly contrived it made me whince- and it seems like there is some proverbial ‘back door’ to batmans death, check it out…
    Until then, i’m content with my 11th bok in 100 Bullets.

    Get on its Steph! i recommend your stuff to my friends! least you cpuld do, hun. 😉

    – Brian

  8. Hey, Brian! 😀 How’ve you been?

    Yeah, Morrison has a lot of good stuff, but he is NOT my favorite person right now.

    Rofl, seriously. Ron Marz once told me in an interview, “You know, everybody says their story is going to shake up the status quo, nothing will ever be the same, all that bullshit.” And I would always laugh and think of him, because “RIP” was just starting then. 😛 (Here’s the whole interview if you’re interested.)

    It made me wince, too—but Chris definitely seems like a good guy, and the fact that he’s not ashamed to change his mind says a lot.

    Argh, I know, I know! 😦 I’m getting on it, I swear! My list has gotten soooo long lately, and I’m running low on cash, but it’s definitely at the top of my list, I promise!

    (Ooohh, don’t stop recommendin’! 😉 )

    (So cheap with the shameless self-promotion, hee!)

  9. 9 Russ

    He sure did pull that gun out like it was nothing and didn’t care. Batman wouldn’t do that. Why can’t they just write non confusing bullshit damn it. All we want is Batman the REAL Batman.

  10. Hey, Russ! 🙂

    Exactly. But it does make sense, though, IF what Chris Clow said is true in his article. If Batman was trying to lure Darkseid into using the Omega Sanction, and if the “God Bullet”—I think that’s what he called it—was the way to both do that and kill Darkseid, then it makes sense. But only if that’s it. Otherwise, it’s way too brash.

  11. Okay, i’ve had my breather…

    I figure i’ll just try and enjoy this ‘battle for the cowl’ and some of the one-offs in march (like ‘Oracle’) look kinda col, so i’ll give them a whirl.
    Have you been reading Cocophony? -or however you spell it- its actually prety decent. Of course, you can’t be too serious when you’re reading it, you need to let Smith have room to work his trademark humour.
    But as long as you’re not expectign soem hardcore, D&M Batman story, its awesome. Nothing like Joker saying “Suck it, Emo Boy.” to Bats, hehe.
    have you read ‘Y: The Last Man’? I’ve been told to get into it, but havent, as yet, looking to hear some reccomendation.
    so keen, we should have a good ol’ LOST chat sometime. Starting with: ‘Who are your two favourite characters?’ -as you cannot have just one-
    Stay in touch hun 😉

    -Brian, [I can shamelessly self-promote too :)]

  12. Gah, your comment got stuck in spam, Brian! Sorry about that! 😦

    YES, CACOPHONY rules! Haha I loved that joke about Bale in the final issue. I’d love to see more of Cacophony, actually—Smith opened up a lot of untapped potential for him as a villain, I think.

    I read the first volume of Y: The Last Man. Pretty sweet!

    Two favorite characters: Desmond and Sawyer. Charlie’s definitely high up on my list, but he’s dead now, so those two brothas win. 😉

    W00t shameless self-promotion! xD

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