“I think it’s a cult.”


(Jeez bananas, I haven’t written in forever! 😮 I’m officially time-deprived. Yeah, you heard me.)

I just watched the latest episode (13.04) of King of the Hill—“Lost in My Space”—online. Funny that: I admit I’m totally glued to the virtual world, whether it’s video games or the internet. My writing jobs are online; hell, I’d be completely out of the loop without my email (I usually get between five to ten emails a day, on average, because of my online work).

And because I started writing for the Girls Entertainment Network, I made a Myspace page. Yes, I caved. But considering that I’m a part of the Myspace generation, I give myself a lot of credit (and as of now I still don’t have a Facebook).

Anyway, this episode reminded me of my current science-fiction class’s discussion of the theme of growing human dependence on technology in Neuromancer (GOOD book, almost done with it). Yeah.

God, I love King of the Hill. 😀

One Response to ““I think it’s a cult.””

  1. 1 rdalecowboy

    Yep, King of the Hill is a great show. Living in Texas I really appreciate it becuase I know so many real life Hank Hills LOL.
    I too was once a Myspace hater but my sister made a page for me about two years ago. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I logged on so it really doesn’t do me any good.

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